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January 2024

What makes a good mobile banking app?

December 2023

Six Tips for Stategic Leadership

September 2023

U.S. Senate Committee Approves Bipartisan Marijuana Banking Bill, Sending It To The Floor.

January 2023

RLR Team Gets Together

Diana Strade Retirement

October 2022

Fiserv cuts deeper into workforce

August 2022

New ACH File delivery window coming in September

May 2022

RLR adds to their consultant base with the addition of Mary Beth Anderson

February 2022

RLR adds to their consultant base with the addition of Nora Barefield

January 2022

RLR adds to their consultant base with the addition of former SVP & Director of Operations, Meg Tweedy

December 2021

Things are not so bad

September 2021

House signs off on pot banking bill again, but will Senate follow?

July 2021

Pot banking bill’s prospects fade amid broader legalization push

For many bank employees, remote work is here to stay

For True Digital Transformation, Banks Need to Get Obsessed with the Customer Experience

May 2021

RLR adds to their consultant base

April 2021

Advantages of Using a Single Audit Firm

RLR Management Consulting Inc…Did you know…

Consultant Spotlight – Chris Manning

January 2021

Cannabis Banking Update

Consultant Spotlight – Neva McCormick

2020 A Look Back and A Look Ahead

November 2020

Can You Hear Me? The Age of Video Meetings

Consultant Spotlight – Diana Strade

October 2020

Are you ready for the regulators to review your SBA Loan Portfolio?

Times Are Changing! Should Your Technology Be Changing As Well?

Consultant Spotlight – Paul Richardson

September 2020

Consultant Spotlight – Valerie McCune

July 2020

RLR and Green Check Verified

Pandemic Planning! How Well Did It Work?

10 Ways Technology Makes Cannabis Banking Possible

May 2020

The Pandemic

2020 Update: 6 Simple Tips to Increase your Treasury Management Revenue

2020 Update: 10 Keys to Operational Excellence

April 2020

Overdraft Decisioning…Better Efficiencies and Increased Fee Income!

Important processing considerations for PrologueTM Financials by Fiserv

Remote Access – Is Your Network Secure?

March 2020

Helping Our Banking Community In This Time Of Need

Pandemic Response and Contingency Planning

February 2020

Coronavirus – Time To Dust Off That Old Pandemic Plan

January 2020

Consultant Spotlight – Nancy Cook

BPM, so many possibilities, but where do I start?

December 2019

Banking Cannabis: The Clues and Keys To Safely Banking The Industry

Banking Cannabis: The Legal Status

October 2019

RLR offers unsurpassed expertise for those who run or wish to implement Prologue

RLR to offer Cannabis Compliance Program

DBO Issues Cannabis Banking Guidance

September 2019

House passes cannabis banking bill, but Senate battle looms

August 2019

Are you banking Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB’s)? How do you know?

How Secure is My Password? 7 Password Security Tips

July 2019

New ABA White Paper Highlights Public Benefits of Banking Cannabis

May 2019

California Senate Passes Legislation to Create State-Chartered Cannabis Banks

April 2019

FDIC FIL-19-2019 Technology Service Provider Contracts

Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB) and your BSA Program

Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses Part 2

March 2019

Breaking News: Cannabis Banking Bill Clears House Banking Panel

Banking Marijuana-Related Businesses Part 1


2019 A Look Back and A Look Ahead

State of California Servicing the Cannabis Industry Feasibility Study

December 2018

6 Simple Tips to Increase your Treasury Management Revenue

October 2018

10 Keys to Operational Excellence

Best Practice RFP Process to Ensure a Successful Outcome

September 2018

RLR Celebrates 30 Years!

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Lenders tread carefully in return to homebuilder finance

July 2018

When was the last time you reviewed your SCM and Director security?

CDD and Beneficial Ownership Update

It’s getting more expensive to buy a California bank


Pot banking bill advances in California

Regulatory Relief- Finally!

De Novo’s are Back!

Why these three de novos went nowhere


File maintenance verification with Activity Exception Management for PremierĀ®…where to start?

Zelle – What you need to know


Fifth Pillar, CDD Rule – Are You Ready?


RLR Further Builds its Information Technology & Operations Consulting Practice

Director Folders and Imaging – Did you know?

2018: The Year to Focus on Commercial Interchange

Updates from the ABA

Who are the Underbanked?

January 2018

HMDA Regulatory Update – What Lenders need to know!

How to Make Your IT Audita Positive Experience

2018 Predictions

Bankers as Buyers


Flagstar Has Survived – Now It Must Reinvent Itself

Anticipation builds for more de novos as Calif. bank inches closer to opening

Business Continuity Plan – Are you Prepared?

Equifax Data Breach – How to Protect Yourself

RLR Client Awarded 2017 Illinois Banker of the Year

Faster Payments Survey Results…Highlights!

Have You Captured Your Workflow?

RLR Management Consultants Hold Michigan Roundtable to Discuss Financial Institution Industry Challenges

Reaching Millennial Banking Prospects and Beyond


ACH Same-Day Window Thrown Open

The Secret Weapon in Banks’ Cyber Defenses

First Steps

A Seat for Compliance

RLR Management Consulting Reports Second Quarter Audit and Compliance Successes

August Workshop News Release

Fintech Vet Aims to Make Banking as Easy as an App Download

Tech Can’t Solve Security Solo

Bye Bye Bank Branches? Not So Fast

Cost Considerations of Technology Choices

Tips to Prepare Your Community Bank’s Next Compliance Exam

Surviving Three Most Common M&A Challenges

Heritage Oaks Bank Leverages RLR Management Consulting Inc. for Online Banking Platform Evaluation and Selection

RLR Management Consulting Reports Six Months of Continued Success Supporting Bank Clients

Cybersecurity Questions for Bank Directors

Ruth Razook provides insight for American Banker: “SunTrust’s Twist on Fintech: Focus on Commercial Clients”