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File maintenance verification with Activity Exception Management for Premier®…where to start?

By Paul Richardson, SeniorConsultant
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

Check back or call back is the process of verifying file maintenance users have performed on the core system made to customer accounts. This process can be manual and time consuming. Fiserv has a module to assist with the check back or call back process called Activity Exception Management for Premier® (AEM). AEM is a module that can consolidate all of your Fiserv premier maintenance into one location. Changes made in Premier are then tracked in real time alerting you to changes before the nightly update and input errors can be resolved same day.

If you have AEM or are thinking about getting AEM, here are some tips to maximize this module:

  • Be sure to define critical file maintenance within your institution
  • Create a source document, i.e. change form, for account and/or file maintenance
  • Determine the flow of the source document… via email or through Director
  • Create a procedure to handle exceptions with incomplete source documents and/or unauthorized changes

Currently not all Premier fields are included in AEM. However, you can easily create a report in Business Analytics using the information in the Premier Audit log (PAL) and import file maintenance changes into AEM daily. To take it a step further you could import 3rd party file maintenance data from non-Fiserv modules. Including changes from multiple sources will create a central file maintenance repository. Your auditors will love this!

While the focus of this blog was around AEM, there are several ways to have a successful file maintenance verification program within your institution. From start to finish or best practices, RLR can help you design the right program for your institution. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at paul.richardson@rlrmgmt.com