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RLR is excited to host a series of complimentary educational webinars to provide our insight on specific subjects. These webinars will be held on a regular basis. They are designed to focus on various subjects and industry hot topics.  We appreciate this opportunity to share knowledge and information on key topics. Below is the pertinent information about our next webinar and how to RSVP.

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Date: July 26, 2017

Time: 10AM – 11AM PST

Topics: Core Vendor Relationships: Are You Getting the Best from Yours?

In another installment of RLR Management’s continuing webinar series, Thomas Frale, Director of Business Development, discusses financial institution relationships with their core vendors. He will discuss why it is important that you understand and manage all aspects of this relationship beyond just pricing. We will also offer a number of tips and suggestions to make sure your financial institution creates and manages a mutually beneficial relationship.

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