RLR Management Consulting

RLR Management Consulting Inc…Did you know…

By Ruth Razook,Founder & CEO
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

We often hear from our clients, “I didn’t know you did that” or “I thought you were a Compliance Company”. So, we thought, let us reintroduce ourselves, we are a Consulting Company and we do it all!

Founded in 1988, RLR Management Consulting (RLR) is the industry’s longest tenured privately-owned consulting firm servicing community banks nationwide in four primary categories: Technology, Regulatory Compliance, Operations, and M&A. A trusted consultancy, RLR’s clientele includes De Novo banks and multi-billion-dollar financial services companies, as well as community banks and mid-sized regional banks. We also provide consulting services to mortgage companies, vendors, and third-party service providers.

Technology – We have worked with hundreds of clients helping them with their Information Technology challenges including strategic technology planning, systems evaluations, and implementations. Additionally, we can develop Information Technology policies and procedures, Information Security and Cybersecurity Programs, and Information Security Risk Assessments.

Regulatory Compliance – We provide our clients with technical and operational expertise for the purpose of adherence with regulatory guidelines. RLR performs detailed audits and/or reviews of an institution’s compliance structure and functions, compliance materials, as well as the overall compliance program.

Operations – We provide a comprehensive approach to reviewing a Financial Institution’s operating structure and reporting functions. Within this framework we determine what methods are in place and what methods are required to monitor operational activities, identify, and report potential weaknesses and resolve inefficiencies.

Mergers & Acquisitions – We offer due diligence services that provides comprehensive analysis and results of potential acquisitions, we help you identify the internal and external resources that you will need to successfully acquire and integrate an acquisition into your company and provide project management services to ensure successful integration.

Other Services:

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There isn’t anything we can’t do and anyone we can’t help! We offer a wide array of services and just because a service is not listed here, does not mean we don’t do it. Give us a call at 760-200-4800 or send us an email to info@rlrmgmt.com and ask us how we can help you and your institution.