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BPM, so many possibilities, but where do I start?

By Paul Richardson, Senior Consultant
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

Many Fiserv banks use Business Process Manager for Premier ® (BPM) for new account opening. BPM is so much more than a new account opening platform. Some time ago, Fiserv enhanced the BPM product to allow for file maintenance and many banks have not taken advantage of this feature. Besides file maintenance, BPM can be used for just about any process you want to automate or standardize across your institution. The challenge is finding resources internally to effectively develop these processes. Generally, administration of BPM is just a small portion of someone’s job at the bank. BPM has so many possibilities that you ask yourself, where do I start?

Where to start:

  1. Start with listing all processes you think the bank might benefit from by creating a workflow. Don’t over think it, these processes can be unrelated to the Fiserv core.
  2. From the list, ask yourself, does this process truly need improvement? Identify what’s important and what will provide the most bang for your buck. Start small, pick the top 5 or 10 processes.
  3. Map out the process.

Sample idea:

Safe Deposit Entrance

A customer comes into the bank and wants to get into their Safe Deposit Box. The customer signs a log or a ticket, you pull the signature card or imaged lease to verify the signature and you let them in. Then, the log or ticket might be scanned into your image archive system or filed.

What if you put that process into BPM? Here is how it might look.

  1. Pull up the customer in BPM.
  2. Create an action to retrieve the lease from your image archive system.
  3. Have the customer sign a form using a signature pad.
  4. The form is then automatically archived into your image archive system.
  5. You can even have an optional step to warn if the customer is past due on the box.

How RLR can help:

RLR can help your institution in facilitating your BPM processes, documentation and process mapping as well as assisting with creating workflows in BPM and Managing the BPM project. If you have any questions, please contact me at paul.richardson@rlrmgmt.com.