RLR Management Consulting

Important processing considerations for PrologueTM Financials by Fiserv

By John McKee, Senior Consultant
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

Did you know? RLR can provide assistance with reviewing PrologueTM Financials by Fiserv (and other core system providers) as well as Core application procedures now that financial institutions have more of their staff working remotely due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Some of these procedures may also assist your daily operations after your staff returns to the office.

  • Review of daily procedures and provide recommendations
  • Establish dual control where needed
  • Review procedures as it relates to audit reports for GL, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets
  • Review user security as modifications may be needed for remote staff
  • Create Journal Entry and other templates in Excel for importing directly into Prologue GL, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets

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