RLR Management Consulting

Remote Access – Is Your Network Secure?

By Chris Manning, Director of Information Systems Consulting, CISA
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

In today’s environment, many of us have had to very quickly transition our employees to work remotely. Some financial institutions were already prepared to securely support remote access while others have not been. Now is a good time to have an independent auditor review the adequacy and compliance of your IT controls for your remote access implementation. This includes review of the following:

  • Network environment, business purpose, and remote access technology
  • Implementation of configuration settings and security options
  • Authentication process and ancillary products implementation
  • Security requirements for remote devices
  • Policies, procedures, and training
  • Approval process for access and user policy acknowledgement forms
  • Oversight and monitoring of remote access activity

We want to make sure your networks are secure and RLR can help…and help remotely! If you would like an IT controls review of your Remote Access technology and implementation, please contact us at info@rlrmgmt.com.