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Director Folders and Imaging – Did you know?

By Paul Richardson, SeniorConsultant
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

There are many great features of Director that can improve efficiencywithin your institution. I’m sure most of you are already scanning deposit, loan and cash management documents, but are you using folders?

Director folders are a FREE feature and offer another method of organizing and retrieving documents within Director. Like an old paper loan file, you have separate tabs for financials, insurance, property taxes, promissory note or collateral. Director folders allow you to create a virtual folder to organize all of your documents.

Benefits of Director folders and imaging:

Usability – Create a central location for all documents where multiple users can access the same documents at simultaneously. Additionally, Bank regulators often prefer using electronic documents.

Customer Relationship – Folders can be set up to display Deposit and Loan relationships under one customer folder providing a view of all customer documents.

Research – Images can be burned to a CD or emailed which is beneficial for all types of research, providing copies as needed.

Security – Access to specific folders/documents can be restricted for privacy purposes. This works well for employee accounts and provides the ability to track who is viewing the documents.

Tips for a successful imaging program:

  1. Change is hard – getting buy-in from all involved parties will help ensure acceptance of the overall project.
  2. Create a plan!
  3. Leverage other features in Director to enhance the image process, including folders, auto keywords, bar codes and document tracking.
  4. Purchase a good quality scanner, which will reduce errors and provide better documents for your end users.
  5. Establish a paperless policy to include new and existing documentation.
  6. Quality Control – As part of your project plan, ensure every page is accounted for and images are clear. One way your imaging program could fail is if your users lose faith in the process.
  7. Include training in your project plan, including all involved users to ensure the process is understood.

RLR can help with setting up a successful imaging program from evaluation of current processes, project plans, best practices, training and file layout.