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Consultant Spotlight – Neva McCormick

ByMitch Razook,President & COO
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

RLR Management Consulting, Inc. (RLR), celebrates Neva McCormick’s 8th anniversary with RLR. Neva has led countless engagements in a variety of areas and disciplines. Neva’s broad based, deep banking expertise comes from he many years in the financial services industry where she held many key roles including SVP, CFO, Controller, IT Manager and Operations Manager. She has comprehensive experience in financial and managerial accounting, budgeting, financial reporting and analysis, contract negotiation and oversight, IT management, project management, financial planning and investments, trust management and strategic planning. Neva also had management responsibility for a credit card program, directed this program through a conversion andimplemented a program for consumer, small business, and corporate cards.

As Neva puts it, “I think my specialization is knowledge about so many areas. I have been responsible for or worked in nearly all areas at many different levels”. “Flexibility, seeking and gaining knowledge, and the ability to have worked with so many great banks” is her favorite aspect of what she does. She loves a challenge and loves to learn. She has demonstrated her ability to take on most any client engagement and deliver success and exceptional value. When asked how she developed such a vast knowledge of banking she noted that early on she was willing and able to take on most anything which allowed her to build her career. Her advice – “Be curious, if you don’t understand, ask! Read – there is so much knowledge available.” If a financial institution is seeking someone who can do it all, she is the one.

Neva loves what she does, and we are so pleased she enjoys working with RLR. When asked what she loves most about it she said, “The experience in the company (so many people with so much knowledge), meeting people in the banks we partner with, and the variety of projects I have worked on”.

Neva resides in Boise, Idaho. In the little spare time she has, she spends it with her husband Jon, her grandkids, and enjoys traveling and boating.

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