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Consultant Spotlight – Paul Richardson

ByMitch Razook,President & COO
RLR Management Consulting, Inc.

RLR Management Consulting, Inc. (RLR), the industry’s longest tenured privately-owned consulting firm serving community and regional banks highlights Paul Richardson.

Paul joined RLR in 2018 after 20 years of working at community banks. His background is in payments, starting in ACH 20 years ago. Over his 20 years in banking, he has worked with and developed a deep expertise in Fiserv banking products, specifically with the Premier Core system. His experience encompasses many aspects of bank operations including deposit operations, payment and card processing, data processing and application support. His 20 years of Fiserv Premier experience includes implementations, conversions, procedure development, internal controls, user support and continuous process improvement of operational efficiencies. Paul has been an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) since 2000.

When asked what his favorite aspects of being a consultant with RLR is, he replied “The variety of clients I get to work with and experiencing the cities they are located in. We provide services that are unique to each client. Our services are not cookie cutter which allows us to customize our services to our client’s needs. I have seen other consulting firms try to put the client in a box”.

In his spare time Paul loves to travel. “I try to take 1 – 2 trips out of the US each year. It is a big world out there, a lot to see. Recently because of Covid-19 I have not been able to visit other countries, so I did a Southwest US tour. I visited national parks in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.”

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