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Fiserv Support

We deliver results to Fiserv Banks

RLR Management Consulting, Inc. (RLR), founded in 1988, is the industry’s longest tenured privately owned consulting firm for community and regional banks. For over 30+ years, RLR has been working to provide consulting services on Fiserv’s Premier Banking Platform. Recently, RLR has increased staff to assist with Fiserv Premier implementations, conversions and support.

With our dedicated Fiserv resource pool, RLR assists Community and Regional Banks with:

    • Conversion and Implementation Management
    • Business Process Manager (BPM) Support
    • Director Support
    • General Ledger (FMS and Prologue) Support
    • Deposit, Loan and Card Support
    • Teller
    • Fiserv Payment and Digital channel support
    • Business Analytics
    • Training

Our 30+ years of experience working for and with Fiserv has allowed RLR to step in and quickly define and resolve client needs associated with the Premier Platform. As one of the leading and popular technologies for community and regional banks, resource demands continue to increase, and often times clients must wait for solutions to be implemented. RLR has been an alternative go-to organization to allow clients to implement solutions quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Fiserv Support Plans

It can be challenging to keep up with release and enhancement changes. This can be more of a challenge for banks to have a Fiserv SME on staff and for that person be knowledgeable in everything Fiserv. So many of these applications requires your staff to continuously be educated to effectively maintain them.  And it can be a challenge to reach support and must wait on hold for an answer.

Look to RLR for staffing augmentation support on several Fiserv applications. We have a team of Fiserv experts that can assist your bank with ongoing maintenance and support of the Fiserv suite of products. As bank consultants, we are well versed in end-to-end transaction processing and have the experience on how these modules work with each other. Having worked with Fiserv for over a 30-years we are experienced in navigating the organization and successfully escalating and resolving client issues.

Examples of our most popular support areas are:

    • Business Process Manager, Workflow Changes and Forms
    • Director
    • Financial management & Accounting (FMS, Prologue and APS)
    • Premier Spec Changes

How the support you require is performed is based on your needs. RLR offers support on-site, remote support via client laptops or remote system access or a combination of both.

RLR will meet with your team regularly to help guide and strategize future support needs and upcoming releases.

We will work with your bank on a support plan that best suits your needs. Discounts are provided for support hours of 30 or more hours per month. Additionally, should Fiserv system related project-based work be required during the period your support package is active, RLR will prioritize your need and provide discounted pricing for the project.

Should a need arise for Fiserv Premier support, contact RLR at [email protected] or at 760-200-4800. Our team is readily available and ready to assist you with your Fiserv Premier needs.