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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) refers to the strategies, technologies, and practices used by organizations to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to their business processes. ECM systems are designed to organize, categorize, and streamline access to vast amounts of information within an organization, ensuring that the right people have access to the right content at the right time.

RLR has a team of consultants ready to assist your organization with developing an ECM program. Whether you’re using OnBase, Fiserv Director, or another ECM product, we can help you establish an effective ECM program at your bank.


Service Offerings

Our ECM and Document Imaging consulting services provide a holistic approach to managing your organization’s content, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and security. Partner with us to transform your document management processes and achieve your business objectives.

  • ECM Strategy and Planning
  • Needs Assessment: Conduct thorough assessments to understand the organization’s current content management practices and future needs.

    Roadmap Development: Create a detailed ECM strategy and implementation roadmap aligned with the organization’s goals.

    Technology Evaluation: Recommend suitable ECM platforms and tools based on the organization’s specific requirements.

  • Document Imaging and Digitization
  • Document Indexing: Develop indexing strategies to ensure easy retrieval and management of digitized documents.

  • Implementation and Integration
  • System Design and Configuration: Design and configure ECM systems tailored to the organization’s workflows and processes.

    Integration Services: Integrate ECM systems with existing enterprise applications (e.g., BPM, Abrigo) for seamless data flow.

    Migration Services: Manage the migration of content from legacy systems to the new ECM platform.

  • Compliance and Security
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure ECM solutions comply with industry-specific regulations and standards.

    Security Measures: Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure data integrity.

    Audit Trails: Establish comprehensive audit trails for document tracking and accountability.

  • Workflow Automation
  • Process Analysis: Analyze existing document workflows to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

    Automation Solutions: Develop and implement automated workflows to streamline document handling processes.

    Continuous Improvement: Provide ongoing support to refine and enhance automated workflows as needed.

  • Training and Support
  • User Training: Offer customized training programs to ensure end-users are proficient with the new ECM system.

    Technical Support: Provide ongoing technical support and maintenance to ensure the ECM system operates smoothly.

    Knowledge Transfer: Facilitate knowledge transfer to internal teams for sustainable ECM management.

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