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Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation

Confused about Artificial Intelligence? Not sure how to evaluate the risks?

RLR Management Consulting, Inc is excited to introduce our program offerings pertaining to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation (IA). Global policy and law makers have started addressing the impacts of AI in business. While the regulators attempt to set out the rules associated with AI, RLR can help you navigate a foundation to a program to be proactive in your approach.

Regardless of your bank’s stance on the introduction of AI, we can provide support.

  • Education and Training – for the Board, Executives, Management and Staff
    • What is AI?
    • Does it make sense for your bank?
    • Overview of security risks.
  • A Policy Statement specific to the bank’s position and strategy
    • Management or IT says “no way”
    • The bank is exploring AI and IA
    • The bank is looking to implement processes
  • Assessing the Risks
    • Data Security Protocols and Standards
  • Identifying Bank Services that may Benefit from IA
    • Routine, repetitive, and manual tasks may be automated to improve efficiencies

AI Newsletter

Title  Description  PDF Link
The World of Artificial Intelligence AI Terms and some framework of understanding Issue #1
The World of Artificial Intelligence Generative AI Issue #2
The World of Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks Coming in August
The World of Artificial Intelligence How the organization can incorporate AI into daily tasks to improve efficiencies Coming in November

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RLR Podcasts and Webinars on AI

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