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RLR Technology Guidance Program

For the past twenty years or so, RLR Management Consulting has had a program that we call our Technology Guidance Program. This program was initiated to assist our clients with understanding the latest regulatory guidance updates that are periodically released. We review the guidance in detail and structure an easy to understand Toolkit that summarizes what the guidance says, what the impact on the bank will likely be, and defines what actions the bank needs to take, including risk mitigation activities, to adhere to the new guidance.

Recently published FILs are listed below:

Review of FIL 31-2016 -Mobile Financial Services
Update to FFIEC IT Examination Handbook Series
Dated April 29, 2016
Effective for all FDIC Supervised Institutions

Review of FIL 55-2015 – FFIEC Cybersecurity Awareness Resources
Dated November 23, 2015
Effective for all FFIEC Supervised Institutions

Review of FIL 9-2015 – FFIEC BCP Examination Handbook Appendix J
Strengthening the Resilience of Outsourced Technology Services

Dated February 23, 2015
Effective for all FFIEC Supervised Institutions

Review of FIL 16-2014 – Technology Alert: OpenSSL “Heartbleed” Vulnerability
Dated April 11, 2014
Effective for all FFIEC Supervised Institutions

Review of FIL 11-2014 – Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks
Dated April 2, 2014
Effective for all FFIEC Supervised Institutions

As part of our Technology Guidance Program, our Toolkits outline the following for each FIL released:

  • Background
  • Purpose and Objectives
  • Recommended Financial Institution (FI) Measures to Mitigate Risk
  • Risk Assessment

Our Toolkits may continue with discussing Contracts, On-going Oversight, Contingency, Event Planning, and Emerging Risks. This is a general format we publish for most every new guidance that is published. Our summaries are published within 30 days of the published guidance.

Our Tech guidance program is offered to our clients on an annual subscription basis. Cost of the annual subscription is $1,500, payable in January of each year.

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