Correspondent Banking Services

RLR Management Consulting, Inc. provides periodic reviews of your Correspondent Banking Relationship as well as the fees associated with the services provided. If you haven’t looked at your pricing or services in the past 18 months, you may be spending too much for current services and not using the services that could help increase your deposits and retain your current customers. The purpose of the review is to allow you to maintain existing clients, grow your deposits, stay competitive and reduce your expenses by offering best in breed services through your correspondent banking relationship at the lowest price possible.

Relationship Review

RLR will work with you to determine the optimum correspondent banking services needed to achieve your strategic goals by providing the following:

  • Review the current services offered through your correspondent bank(s)
  • Insure that the services offered are in line with your strategy
  • Compare the services offered with the best practices in the industry and your marketplace
  • Compare the services provided to what your peers are offering to insure that you remain competitive
  • Compare the service quality of your current correspondent bank to the other providers in your market place
  • Consolidate correspondent relationships if you are receiving services from multiple financial institutions or vendors to take advantage of economies of scale or bundled pricing


Fee Review

RLR will determine what services are no longer needed, what fees you are paying that can be re-negotiated, and report savings to be realized through recommended changes. RLR will provide the following:

  • Review your current account analysis statements or invoices against what we have seen in your marketplace
  • Recommend service changes to eliminate unnecessary fees
  • Negotiate with your current provider for better pricing based on our knowledge of the providers and their market pricing
  • Review the pricing after 6 months to insure that the savings predicted are realized


Correspondent Changes

If you choose to change your correspondent banking relationship, RLR can assist you in the selection process as follows:

  • Submit an RFI or RFP to change your current correspondent banking services provider to determine the optimum solution for your bank strategy
  • Evaluate the RFP responses and assist you in choosing the correct correspondent bank
  • Assist you in the conversion to another correspondent bank relationship if necessary